Emma’s life has had many chapters thus far – the London days live on the BBC and hosting Heart Radio breakfast show, the LA days, the Life & Soul days, the full time Mum duty days. In 2018 – Emma and her family moved to the US and then Covid did its thing and so, here we are, in the US days.

And so – Emma is on a mission – to have ‘Breakfast in America’ with some of life’s greats. Great women, great men, great chefs, great actors, great minds and great souls. Why breakfast I hear you ask? Because it’s the most important meal of the day. The moment where you set yourself up for the day. It can have many courses, be quick or long, and of course – it has to include a good cup of coffee.

And so join us – as we embark on a task. Breakfast in America starts here – how are you having your eggs? Sunny side up?