Emma's typical day starts with coffee and ends with chocolate. When she is not busy being a Mum to Lily, Sam and Hudson - she can be found researching and sourcing the world's bests. The world's best everything - from natural remedies to night cream, cosy slippers to cacao and bedding to boots. Her life has had many chapters thus far - the BBC ‘Live & Kicking’ chapter, the Capital FM chapter, the BBC Radio 2 chapter, the London days, the LA days and now the NYC and Long Island days. But one thing has remained the same throughout - a passion for all things that lead us to living our best lives. In this chapter of ‘life’, Emma has built on a natural curiosity and fascination for all things health and wellness, culminating in this - ByEmma.
Stick around, browse, read, reminisce, reach out - we’re here to play and to stay.

Want to know more about the Life & Soul Podcast?

The Life & Soul podcast is where I ask brilliant people what gives them life and what really feeds their soul. I have always dreamt of creating a podcast where I go really deep and into the nitty gritty with some of the worlds most fascinating characters. So over the past few months I decided - yes - it is time - let’s do it! I am so excited to share some of the amazing episodes I have lined up, and would love for you to join me on this journey. Stay tuned!

A curation of everything she loves in life
From fashion and food to health & wellbeing - anything she hopes will bring a little joy to the lives of others too.